About Me


I plan to go to Germany in 2016 as an au pair (nanny) for 6 months. That’s all.


I’m an 18-year-old who loves 100 Grand Bars (seriously, Crunch and Twix mixed together!!) salty collard greens, and anything but tomatoes. I go through intense bursts of assorted hobbies including hair, makeup, home decor, shopping, reading, typography, graphic design, writing, photography, traveling, organizing, scheduling, baking, and cleaning just to name a few. Can you keep up? Because I can’t.

I’ve got a loud laugh that embarrasses whoever is around me, I like to make plans, I love learning new vocabulary words and I hang out with people many years my senior. I’m at ease when public speaking and love being in charge in any circumstance. I’ve got a mouth for talking but am still navigating the waters of listening. I prefer phone calls to texts, go to bed by 9:30, don’t like watching TV, and I love rules but also love to break them (depending on the circumstance). I’ve been told I’m an old soul, but I disagree. I can be fun…sometimes. Extroverted to the core, I am energized by being around light-hearted people who can make me laugh. (Basically anyone)
Read more about my everyday life in Florida here



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