Life in Florida

Life in Florida:



Homeschooled up until this past fall, I am dual enrolled at Santa Fe College to finish up classes so I can have all of my credentials before I go to Germany.

I’m a busy girl working lots of odd jobs. Until this past October, I worked with 8 terrific tots, newborn-4 years, with Ms. Vivian Albritton as a teacher for her in-home preschool.
I picked up a job at a law firm in November of 2014 and am working their part time doing administrative work and such. (fancy ‘innit?)
Occasionally I’ll get a gig with the splendiferous Verve Studios as a lighting assistant.
When I’m not doing those things you can bet I’m babysitting some more kiddos with my built up clientele. (It’s like an empire) It keeps me busy anytime I have an extra day, and most weekends.

When I’m not working or at school you sure can find me at church in my natural habitat–bossing people around. I love my church family and am sure gonna miss ’em when I head off.


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